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Working with Ap Prep has been nothing but the best.  You get your money’s worth!  It has made my business and inventory run so much smoother.  I just email and they help straight away.  It is a very straight forward system to use and I would definitely recommend this service all day long.  Their support is incredible!
--- Nikki, UK


When Amazon started with the restock quantity limits program, we looked for a third-party logistic company to help us overcome these new restrictions. After looking for several alternatives, we chose AP Prep.  Working with AP Prep is a breeze; no hassle, easy to communicate, and very reliable. We started as an FBA company two years ago and having AP Prep managing our logistics helps us scale our business.  We 100% back them as one of the most reliable and cost-effective 3PL companies in the market.
--- Luis, Owner, Cookie Cake Shop LLC, Georgia


It has been a great experience working with AP Prep.  Excellent customer service, with accurate executions, allow us to focus on our selling activities!  I would recommend AP Prep Services to other sellers.

--- Hiro, Japan


The service AP Prep provides has been quick and smooth;  a great storage solution.

--- Alwin, Ontario, Canada


AP Prep Services has given me complete peace of mind that my stores will always be restocked in a timely manner.  I was very impressed with how simple and quick the check-in process went.  Afterward, they immediately sent a full shipment of my product to Amazon's warehouse.  It was 100% hands-off for me.  The most pleasant surprise was when they sent me the bill.  If you are a new seller and are serious about growth, then you should be using their services.

--- Gerardo, Oregon, USA


AP Prep has been very convenient and reliable.  We are notified immediately when our shipments arrive and the management of our inventory has been very simple.  Highly recommend as a 3PL solution for Amazon FBA.

--- Seena, Sydney, Australia


We use AP Prep and have never had any issues.  They are a very reputable and fast storage 3PL, with prompt service and experience shipping to Amazon.

--- Luchen, Delaware, USA


Perfect solution for FBA Amazon sellers.  Working with AP Prep is easy, agile, and straight forward.  Highly recommended!

--- Berta, London, UK